Northern Distilling Co

It’s easy to fall in love with your own neck of the world, when you live in the one of most unique and isolated regions of the world.  The Top End of Australia is what inspires us. Good Spirits Distilling Co is our way of bringing our flavours and aromas of the Top End to the rest of Australia and to the world.

Husband and wife team, David and Kellie Robinson, have been long time advocates of our wonderful local flora and fauna.  We have an amazing food culture, built on our populations diversity, tropical climate and incredible native ingredients in the NT.

Gone Troppo?

After years owning and running local restaurants and bars, creating and layering flavours, both in drinks and food, there was always one element we never had control of.  The element that is the most important ingredient in cocktails, the base spirit.  Not content with what was out there; we created our own, to showcase what we see as our incredible flavours.

Troppo was our first product.

Inspired by the aromas and produce of our local markets, this Top End Dry Gin, draws it flavour from a combination of both traditional and local botanicals. This delicious spirit and quirky spirit is truly a reflection of our Tropical ‘Troppo’ Top End.  

Our Botanicals

Inspired by our native, indigenous & local foods, many of which, you’ve may have never tried before.  Depending on the season, some interesting ingredients include green plum, cocky apples, wild grape, native passionfruit, red bush apples, rosella, Kakadu plums (complete with 50 times the amount of vitamin C of oranges), waterlillies, cluster figs, cordial berry, sugar bag honey, and wild beans and nuts.

Add these to our local agricultural produce, things like lemongrass, kaffir lime, lime, ruby grapefruit, watermelons, turmeric, ginger, coconut,  purple dragon fruit, pandan leaf, guava, pineapple & mango to name a few.

Things get pretty interesting. 

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